Diving In - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers

Diving In - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers

By Kevin J McNeish

  • Release Date : 2018-11-05
  • Genre : Programming
  • FIle Size : 421.19 MB
Score: 4.5
From 18 Ratings
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Diving In - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers Winner of the Publishing Innovation Award!
"Dedicated to Steve Jobs, this self published book highlights much of what Jobs himself strove for - clear, crisp design, intuitive interface and user experience coupled with high quality, clear content." - Digital Book World

"Most of the books I scanned, even the "Dummies" series, assumed a basic knowledge of computer programming even for iOS beginners. What I like about Kevin's writing is that he doesn't make any assumptions - he just takes you there - step by step." - Lorraine Akemann - Moms With Apps

"Great for developers too! With this book, I finally understand the relationship between Xcode, Swift, Cocoa Framework, and the related Mac tips. If I don't get a concept, the video at the end of each chapter brings it all together. - Dan Neuman

This first book in the series from Kevin McNeish, winner of the Publishing Innovation award, award-winning App Developer, highly acclaimed iOS trainer and conference speaker, is specifically designed to teach non-programmers how to create an App for the iPhone and iPad. Many books designed for the beginning Apple developer assume way too much. In contrast, this book series assumes you know nothing about programming.

This first book is your "easy in" and builds confidence that you can write Apps for the iPhone and iPad. The entire book has been reviewed by people like you--with no experience in how to make an App. Diagrams were added and examples improved until all "beta readers" completely understood each key concept.

Up to Date With the Latest Technologies
The information in this book is up to date with the latest iOS technologies, including the iOS 9 and the latest version of Xcode. You will learn about storyboards, scenes, navigation, displaying lists of data, animating transitions between scenes, using maps, and much more.

Includes Step-by-Step Instructional Videos!
There are seven step-by-step instructional videos in which you watch the author create each part of the App. This is great for non-programmers who might need some extra help.

About the Author
Kevin McNeish is a featured writer and blogger for iPhoneLife magazine as well as author of the best-selling iOS App Development for Non-Programmers book series, winner of the prestigious Publishing Innovation Award. Kevin is creator of iOS apps including iElectionDay (awarded iPad App of the week) and is also Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc. He has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in a way that you can truly understand. Kevin is a well-known speaker and trainer throughout North America and abroad including conferences such appsworld, MobileConnections, DevConnections, MobileTeach as well as numerous Code Camps and software developer groups.

Kevin's iPhoneLife blog: http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/kevin%20mcneish

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @kjmcneish


  • Now I get it !

    By Morden UK
    Its a short book but teaches you about storyboards very well. I’ve already started putting the book to good use and creating my own projects.
  • Excellent

    By Mamatedave
    This really helped a total newcomer. I had zero idea but i finished the book in 2 days. Just about to begin book 2. I cannot rate this guy highly enough.
  • Best start for iOS Developing, full stop

    By The Gadgeteer
    The negative reviewer on here who complains that the book doesn’t create anything that works is completely missing the point. This book is nothing less than a breathe of fresh air. I’m not a programmer and that’s why I bought a book for “Non-Programmers”. I went through this book in a day and at the end of it, I was absolutely over the moon with myself because I understood the whole process of creating an App. This is not meant to make you a hot shot iOS Developer (the clue is in the Book “1”), it’s to get you started with Xcode and how things come together. I really can’t recommend this book highly enough. I’ve tried countless books and given up very quickly after struggling with the structure. This book is faultless and the videos at the end of each chapter are just the icing on the cake if you’re struggling at all with the text. Well done Mr McNeish and I’m off to read Book 2.
  • Amazing book really easy to understand.

    By Oatboy95
    I’m a beginner to App Development you’re videos in this book made it really easy to understand, you’re a great writer and teacher. Now it’s time for me to start the second book.
  • VERY basic and misleading sample chapters

    By stealthworks
    I bought this book on the strength of the 5-star reviews it was getting but I have to say I was thorougly disappointed with it and amazed it has got such good reviews. When you download the sample book it implies you are going to build a delivery app from scratch complete with displaying the delivery address for a customer, status of deliveries, location on a map etc. The Author even states “This is a great app to prototype because there are many businesses that are looking for someone to create a similar delivery app for them…” What he doesnt make clear is that what you will produce at the end of this book is a static app where all the information is hardcoded!!! The list of customers are laboriously typed in by hand into separate lines in a list view and when you select the customer and move to the next screen all the details have to be typed in my hand. No passing information from screen to screen, no change in what delivery status you clicked (he even hardcodes a tick agaist one of them to show you’ve selected it!). The majority of the text and video for this book just shows the author changing the text on labels to represent what a real functioning deliveries app might look like. Be aware, what you produce at the end of this is totally useless for any real world application. There is NO code here - its all visual and although some people may think this is great,it is in no way programming and its impossible to do anything useful without ANY code!!! I would definitely like a refund as this should have been pointed out in the sample book. For £6.49 what is covered in this book is outrageous as you will learn how to produce nothing more than a IOS version of a “Hello World” application at the end of it!
  • Time Machine….

    By Septemberknight
    There is a time machine after all…Published 1 Oct,2013… Apart from that Kevin is a genius.If you want to learn about IOS App development,just buy this book.
  • Excellent read and an engaging book

    By Droplet Design
    I really enjoyed working through this book, and for the first time I've been able to stay motivated to actually continue down the path of learning to develop for the iOS platform. I have tried several times before, but the structure of the books were intimidating and the way the information was presented made it difficult to grasp the overall concept. Kevin McNeish as done a marvellous job at making this iBook interesting to read, interactive and engaging, and most of all fun to read. I recommend "Diving into iOS' to anyone interested in learning to program iOS. I'm really looking forward to moving on the part two of the series.

    By Yayins
    THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Great introduction. Easy instructions did the whole thing in 1.5 hours it is great then went on to develop as learn't more
  • Great Book

    By HaymakerK
    Finally a great book to hold your hand through the basics and demystify iOS development. Can't wait to start the second book.
  • Great book

    By Dhcrees
    I’ve tried for years to get into iOS development, but never found a book which made things click. Usually with other books you'll have an app up and running by the end of chapter 2, but you don't really understand how. Its “drop this UI element here”, “Link this to that” and “add this piece of code here”. You don't really understand whats going on. This book (being part of a series), the author seems to have split things up into more manageable chunks. This book for example will have you developing an app using Apple’s new Story Board feature and although you don't write a single line of code, it gives you a good understanding of how things fit together in Xcode. Also being in iBook created with iBook Author, its really easy to read and contains videos and other interactive sections. The book is well worth the read and don't take the ”Non-Programmers” in the title literally. Another plus point, the book is written for the latest version of Xcode, iOS 6 and iPhone 5.